Keynotes Announcement: Elena Simperl

We are pleased to announce that Elena Simperl is going to be one of our keynotes!
Here some words about what she’s going to talk about at ESWC 2024:

Knowledge engineering is about building and maintaining knowledge-based systems. As a field, it occupies a unique niche between software engineering, which involves crafting software that represents knowledge computationally, and AI, where software can reason upon knowledge representations to emulate human thought. During this talk, I shall delve into my personal journey within the realm of knowledge engineering. This journey afforded me insights into various methodologies and techniques across disciplines. Initially centred on attempts to reuse medical knowledge bases, it broadened my scope to contemplate principles, approaches, and tools for enhancing data and knowledge reuse across diverse applications.

It taught me the importance of fostering inclusivity and participation to ensure that, amidst the rise of large language models as an alternative knowledge representation, knowledge graphs persist in their pivotal role in upholding the truth infrastructure of the Internet.

Accepted Workshops & Tutorials

Here is the list of accepted workshops & tutorials at ESWC 2024. Congratulations to those that were accepted! This year we received a large number of submissions, so we would like to thank all authors for the efforts invested in their submitted proposals.  

Below is the list of the accepted workshops and tutorials. Links will be provided soon. Looking forward to welcoming all of you at ESWC 2024! 

Accepted Workshops

Accepted Tutorials