Research, Resource and In-Use Papers


  • Treat Different Negatives Differently: Enriching Loss Functions with Domain and Range Constraints for Link Prediction [pdf]
    by Nicolas Hubert, Pierre Monnin, Armelle Brun and Monticolo Davy
  • QAGCN: Answering Multi-Relation Questions via Single-Step Implicit Reasoning over Knowledge Graphs [pdf]
    by Ruijie Wang, Luca Rossetto, Michael Cochez and Abraham Bernstein
  • Leveraging Pre-trained Language Models for Time Interval Prediction in Text-Enhanced Temporal Knowledge Graphs [pdf]
    by Duygu Sezen Islakoglu, Melisachew Wudage Chekol and Yannis Velegrakis
  • A Language Model based Framework for New Concept Placement in Ontologies [pdf]
    by Hang Dong, Jiaoyan Chen, Yuan He, Yongsheng Gao and Ian Horrocks
  • SC-Block: Supervised Contrastive Blocking within Entity Resolution Pipelines [pdf]
    by Alexander Brinkmann, Roee Shraga and Christian Bizer
  • Explanation of Link Predictions on Knowledge Graphs via Levelwise Filtering and Graph Summarization [pdf]
    by Roberto Barile, Claudia d’Amato and Nicola Fanizzi
  • Efficient Evaluation of Conjunctive Regular Path Queries Using Multi-way Joins [pdf]
    by Nikolaos Karalis, Alexander Bigerl, Liss Heidrich, Mohamed Sherif and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo
  • Can Contrastive Learning Refine Embeddings [pdf]
    by Lihui Liu, Jinha Kim and Vidit Bansal
  • Do Similar Entities have Similar Embeddings? [pdf]
    by Nicolas Hubert, Heiko Paulheim, Armelle Brun and Monticolo Davy
  • HolmE: Low-Dimensional Hyperbolic KG Embedding for Better Extrapolation [pdf]
    by Zhuoxun Zheng, Baifan Zhou, Hui Yang, Zhipeng Tan, Arild Waaler, Evgeny Kharlamov and Ahmet Soylu
  • Navigating Ontology Development with Large Language Models: A Study on User Stories Modelling [pdf]
    by Javad Saeedizade and Eva Blomqvist
  • ESLM: Improving entity summarization by leveraging language models [pdf]
    by Asep Fajar Firmansyah, Diego Moussallem and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo
  • Large Language Models for Scientific Question Answering: an Extensive Analysis of the SciQA Benchmark [pdf]
    by Jens Lehmann, Antonello Meloni, Enrico Motta, Francesco Osborne, Diego Reforgiato Recupero, Angelo Antonio Salatino and Sahar Vahdati


  • PyGraft: Configurable Generation of Synthetic Schemas and Knowledge Graphs at Your Fingertips [pdf]
    by Nicolas Hubert, Pierre Monnin, Mathieu d’Aquin, Armelle Brun and Monticolo Davy
  • NORIA-O: An Ontology for Anomaly Detection and Incident Management in ICT Systems [pdf]
    by Lionel Tailhardat, Yoan Chabot and Raphaël Troncy
  • FlexRML: A Flexible and Memory Efficient Knowledge Graph Materializer [pdf]
    by Michael Freund, Sebastian Schmid, Rene Dorsch and Andreas Harth
  • IICONGRAPH: improved Iconographic and Iconological Statements in Knowledge Graphs [pdf]
    by Bruno Sartini
  • VisionKG: Unleashing the Power of Visual Datasets via Knowledge Graph [pdf]
    by Jicheng Yuan, Anh Le-Tuan, Manh Nguyen Duc, Trung-Kien Tran, Manfred Hauswirth and Danh Le Phuoc
  • OfficeGraph: A Knowledge Graph of Office Building IoT Measurements [pdf]
    by Roderick van der Weerdt, Victor de Boer, Ronald Siebes, Ronnie Groenewold and Frank van Harmelen
  • Musical Meetups Knowledge Graph (MMKG): a network of evidence for historical social network analysis [pdf]
    by Alba Morales Tirado, Jason Carvalho, Marco Ratta, Paul Mulholland, Helen Barlow, Trevor Herbert, Chukwudi Uwasomba and Enrico Daga
  • SMW Cloud: A Corpus of Domain-Specific Knowledge Graphs from Semantic MediaWikis [pdf]
    by Daniil Dobriy, Martin Beno and Axel Polleres
  • SousLeSens – a Comprehensive Suite for the Industrial Practice of Semantic Knowledge Graphs [pdf]
    by Claude Fauconnet, Jean-Charles Leclerc, Arkopaul Sarkar and Hedi Karray
  • MLSea: A Semantic Layer for Discoverable Machine Learning [pdf]
    by Ioannis Dasoulas, Duo Yang and Anastasia Dimou
  • Enabling Social Demography Research using Semantic Technologies [pdf]
    by Lise Stork, Richard Zijdeman, Ilaria Tiddi and Annette ten Teije
  • SCOOP all the Constraints’ Flavours for your Knowledge Graph [pdf]
    by Xuemin Duan, David Chaves-Fraga, Olivier Derom and Anastasia Dimou
  • FidMark: A Fiducial Marker Ontology for Semantically Describing Visual Markers [pdf]
    by Maxim Van de Wynckel, Isaac Valadez and Beat Signer
  • Generate and Update Large RDF Knowledge Graphs on Commodity Hardware [pdf]
    by Antoine Willerval, Dennis Diefenbach and Angela Bonifati


  • Automation of Electronic Invoice Validation using Knowledge Graph Technologies [pdf]
    by Johannes Mäkelburg, Christian John and Maribel Acosta
  • Towards Cyber Mapping the German Financial System with Knowledge Graphs [pdf]
    by Markus Schröder, Jacqueline Krüger, Neda Foroutan, Philipp Horn, Christoph Fricke, Ezgi Delikanli, Heiko Maus and Andreas Dengel
  • Integrating domain knowledge for enhanced concept model explainability in Plant Disease classification [pdf]
    by Jihen Amara, Sheeba Samuel and Birgitta König-Ries
  • Generative Expression Constrained Knowledge-based decoding for Open data [pdf]
    by Lucas Lageweg and Benno Kruit
  • OntoEditor: Real-time Collaboration via Distributed Version Control for Ontology Development [pdf]
    by Ahmad Hemid, Waleed Shabbir, Abderrahmane Khiat, Christoph Quix, Christoph Lange and Stefan Decker

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