Special Track on Large Language Models for Knowledge Engineering

  • 12 shades of RDF: Impact of Syntaxes on Data Extraction with Language Models [pdf]
    by Célian Ringwald, Fabien Gandon, Catherine Faron, Franck Michel and Hanna Abi Akl
  • Evaluating Class Membership Relations in Knowledge Graphs using Large Language Models [pdf]
    by Bradley Allen and Paul Groth
  • LLMs4OM: Matching Ontologies with Large Language Models [pdf]
    by Hamed Babaei Giglou, Jennifer D’Souza, Felix Engel and Sören Auer
  • The Role of Generative AI in Competency Question Retrofitting [pdf]
    by Reham Alharbi, Valentina Tamma, Floriana Grasso and Terry Payne
  • Validating Semantic Artifacts With Large Language Models [pdf]
    by Nilay Tufek, Aparna Saisree Thuluva, Tathagata Bandyopadhyay, Valentin Philipp Just, Marta Sabou, Fajar Ekaputra and Allan Hanbury
  • Can LLMs Generate Competency Questions? [pdf]
    by Youssra Rebboud, Lionel Tailhardat, Pasquale Lisena and Raphaël Troncy
  • Assessing the Evolution of LLM capabilities for Knowledge Graph Engineering in 2023 [pdf]
    by Johannes Frey, Lars-Peter Meyer, Felix Brei, Sabine Gruender and Michael Martin
  • Column Property Annotation using Large Language Models [pdf]
    by Keti Korini and Christian Bizer
  • OntoChat: a Framework for Conversational Ontology Engineering using Language Models [pdf]
    by Bohui Zhang, Valentina Anita Carriero, Katrin Schreiberhuber, Stefani Tsaneva, Lucia Sanchez Gonzalez, Jongmo Kim and Jacopo de Berardinis
  • NeOn-GPT: A Large Language Model-Powered Pipeline for Ontology Learning [pdf]
    by Nadeen Fathallah, Arunav Das, Stefano De Giorgis, Andrea Poltronieri, Peter Haase and Liubov Kovriguina

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