Posters and Demos Papers


[01] Integrating Action Robot Ontology for Enhanced Human-Robot Interaction: A NAO Robot Case Study [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Diego Reforgiato Recupero and Lorenzo Boi

[02] RDF2vec Embeddings for Updateable Knowledge Graphs – Reuse, don’t Retrain! [pdf]
by Sang Hyu Hahn and Heiko Paulheim

[03] The Helmholtz Knowledge Graph: driving the transition towards a FAIR data ecosystem in the Helmholtz Association [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Jens Bröder, Gabriel Preuß, Fiona D’Mello, Said Fathalla, Volker Hofmann and Stefan Sandfeld

[04] Compatibility Challenges of the Current State-of-the-Art Provenance Tools [pdf][Asset available!]
by Rudolf Wittner and Matúš Formánek

[05] Converter: Enhancing Interoperability in Research Data Management [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Sefika Efeoglu, Zongxiong Chen, Sonja Schimmler and Bianca Wentzel

[06] Datatypes for Lists and Maps in RDF Literals [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Olaf Hartig, Gregory Todd Williams, Michael Schmidt, Ora Lassila, Carlos Manuel Lopez Enriquez and Bryan Thompson

[07] Ontogenia: Ontology Generation with Metacognitive Prompting in Large Language Models [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Anna Sofia Lippolis, Miguel Ceriani, Sara Zuppiroli and Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese

[08] Critical Path Identification in Supply Chain Knowledge Graphs with Large Language Models [pdf]
by Yaomengxi Han, Zifeng Ding, Yushan Liu, Bailan He and Volker Tresp

[09] MusicBO, an application of Text2AMR2FRED to the Musical Heritage domain [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Aldo Gangemi, Arianna Graciotti, Antonello Meloni, Eleonora Marzi, Andrea Nuzzolese, Valentina Presutti, Diego Reforgiato Recupero, Alessandro Russo and Rocco Tripodi

[10] Gotta Catch’em All: From Data Silos to a Knowledge Graph [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Oleksandra Bruns, Linnaea Söhn, Tabea Tietz, Jonatan Jalle Steller, Etienne Posthumus, Torsten Schrade and Harald Sack

[11] When Ontologies met Knowledge Graphs: Tale of a Methodology [pdf]
by Romana Pernisch, María Poveda-Villalón, Diego Conde-Herreros, David Chaves-Fraga and Lise Stork

[12] Observations on Bloom Filters for Traversal-Based Query Execution over Solid Pods [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Jonni Hanski, Ruben Taelman and Ruben Verborgh

[13] ArtSampo — Finnish Art on the Semantic Web [pdf]
by Annastiina Ahola, Heikki Rantala and Eero Hyvönen

[14] German Tourism Knowledge Graph [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Umutcan Serles, Elias Kärle, Richard Hunkel and Dieter Fensel

[15] Towards Semantic Annotation for Scientific Datasets [pdf]
by Alsayed Algergawy, Hamdi Hamed, Sven Thiel and Birgitta König-Ries

[16] Optimizing Class Subsumption through Controlled Dynamics of n-Balls in Vector Space [pdf]
by Aniket Mitra and Vinu Venugopal

[17] OAEI Machine Learning Dataset for Online Model Generation [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Sven Hertling, Ebrahim Norouzi and Harald Sack


[18] From Liberating to Questioning Tabular Data in Documents Using Knowledge Graphs [pdf]
by Kautuk Raj and Pierre Maret

[19] Searching and analyzing cross-border multilingual legislation on the Semantic Web [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Eero Hyvönen, Hien Cao, Heikki Rantala and Aki Hietanen

[20] CLARA search engine: Linking Licensed Educational Resources [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Manoé Kieffer, Hugo Chabane, Matthéo Lécrivain and Patricia Serrano Alvarado

[21] A Framework for Question Answering on Knowledge Graphs Using Large Language Models [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Caio Viktor Avila, Marco Casanova and Vânia Vidal

[22] KGSnap!: query Knowledge Graphs by Snap! [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Vincenzo Offertucci, Maria Angela Pellegrino and Vittorio Scarano

[23] KGHeartBeat: a Knowledge Graph Quality Assessment Tool [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Maria Angela Pellegrino, Anisa Rula and Gabriele Tuozzo

[24] Granular Access to Policy-Governed Linked Data via Partial Server-Side Query [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Joachim Van Herwegen and Ruben Verborgh

[25] RMLdoc: Documenting Mapping Rules for Knowledge Graph Construction [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Jhon Toledo, Ana Iglesias-Molina, David Chaves-Fraga and Daniel Garijo

[26] Searching and Analyzing Coin Finds with Linked Data Based Web Application [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Heikki Rantala, Eljas Oksanen, Frida Ehrnsten and Eero Hyvönen

[27] PySPARQL Anything Showcase [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Marco Ratta, Enrico Daga and Luigi Asprino

[28] Semantic Tool Hub: Towards A Sustainable Community-Driven Documentation of Semantic Web Tools [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Achim Reiz, Fajar J. Ekaputra and Nandana Mihindukulasooriya

[29] SCOOP-UI: SHACL Shape Extraction in Just a Click! [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Xuemin Duan, David Chaves-Fraga and Anastasia Dimou

[30] RDFminer: an Interactive Tool for the Evolutionary Discovery of SHACL Shapes [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Rémi Felin, Pierre Monnin, Catherine Faron and Andrea Tettamanzi

[31] Finding Root Causes for Outliers in Semantically Annotated Sensor Data [pdf]
by Tim Strobel, Tim Pychynski and Andreas Harth

[32] KinGVisher — Knowledge Graph Visualizer [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Andreas Both, Aleksandr Perevalov and Aleksandr Gashkov

[32b] Data Search and Discovery in RDF Sources [pdf]
by Zoé Chevallier, Zoubida Kedad, Béatrice Finance and Frédéric Chaillan

[33] Taking Control of Your Health Data: A Solid-based Mobile App for Wearable Data Collection and RDF Visualization [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Thomas Wehr, Michael Freund and Andreas Harth

[34] MLSeascape: Search over Machine Learning Metadata Empowered by Knowledge Graphs [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Ioannis Dasoulas, Duo Yang and Anastasia Dimou

[35] CLASS MATE: Cross-Lingual Semantic Search for Material Science driven by Knowledge Graphs [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Aleksandr Perevalov, Jiveshwari Chinchghare, Mouli Krishna, Shivam Sharma, Amal Nimmy Lal, Aryman Deshwal, Andreas Both and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo

[36] A Method and a Library for Visual Data Schemas [pdf] [Asset available!]
by Lelde Lace, Aiga Romane, Jana Fedotova, Mikus Grasmanis and Kārlis Čerāns

Project Networking

[37] Green responsibLe provACy preserving dAta operaTIONs (GLACIATION) by Aidan O Mahony

[38] TrustAlert: Empowering Public Health with Real-Time Insights and Future Preparedness by Gianluca Apriceno and Patrizio Bellan

[39] DataBri-X European Data Spaces, Platforms & Marketplaces by Robert David

[40] SoilWise: An open access knowledge and data repository to safeguard soils by Panagiotis Ilias

[41] Nature FIRST by Albin Ahmeti

[42] DAta-CEntric AI-driven Data Linking (DACE-DL) by Konstantin Todorov

[43] Serendipity Engine by Pieter Colpaert

[44] SolidLab Flanders by Wout Slabbinck

[45] USAGE: Urban Data Space for Green Deal by Lucia Sanchez Gonzalez

[46] PERKS: Eliciting and Exploiting Procedural Knowledge in Industry 5.0 by Irene Celino

[47] HACID: Hybrid Human Artificial Collective Intelligence in Open-Ended Domains by Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese

[48] Efficient Explainable Learning on Knowledge Graphs (ENEXA) by Paul Groth

[49] GESIS Digital Behavioral Data by Danilo Dessi’

[50] Smart Edge by Mario Scrocca

[51] Onto-DESIDE: Ontology-based Decentralized Sharing of Industry Data in the European Circular Economy by Eva Blomqvist

[52] European Virtual Institute for Research Software Excellence (EVERSE) by Aleksandar Stankovski

[53] SENSE: Semantics-based Explanation of Cyber-physical Systems by Marta Sabou

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